Lynch Aluminum’s Ultimate Gutter Guard Selection

We manufacture, supply, and distribute the largest selection of aluminum gutter guards and aluminum gutter guard accessories in the United States. With our wide selection of gutter protection, you can choose what’s right for each job.

Different areas require different types of gutter guard such as an area with Pine trees, or areas with maple trees, and so on. Call our sales team today for more information and help choosing the right gutter guard for your next job. 800-383-3231


Speed Screen™

Speed Screen™ is an aluminum gutter screen that requires no screws and no lifting of shingles to install. You simply place the back of the screen inside the gutter, on top of the gutter brackets, then compress to spring load the screen and snap it into place. It’s that easy! We also have a Small Hole Speed Screen™ available.

Black powder coated versions are available in both regular and small hole Speed Screen™.

One of the easiest and most cost effective gutter protection products on the market!


Drop-In Gutter Guard

Drop-In gutter guard is one of the most used gutter guards on the market. A simple “Drop-In” installation making your job as easy as possible to save time and money.

Drop-In gutter guard comes in standard aluminum mill finish, or black powder coating for 5″, 6″ & 7″ gutters. It’s also available in a Small Hole design! Get the job done faster and put more money back in your pocket!

Kwik Cover™

Kwik Installation, Kwik Profits, Kwik Customer Satisfaction, Kwik Cover. (25 pcs per box @ 250′)

Kwik Cover Gutter Protection Benefits:

  • Made from heavy duty aluminum
  • Convenient 10′ sections for fast installation
  • Does not disturb shingles
  • Can be installed on new or existing gutters
  • 5″ and 6″ sizes available
  • Effective on all roofing styles

Designed for keeping out many different types of leaves, pine needles, and other natural tree/foliage debris.

  • 5 & 6 inch Kwik Cover

    • 5″ and 6″ sizes available – Convenient 10′ sections for fast installation


Leaf Relief®

Whether you’re building a new home, adding on or upgrading your current gutter system, Leaf Relief® is a product that will fit your needs perfectly!

Leaf Relief’s® design and solid aluminum construction make it virtually maintenance free. Practically invisible from the ground and make to fit most gutter systems.


E-Z Lock™

E-Z Lock™ gutter guard is one of the most versatile screens n the market. E-Z Lock™ is able to be “locked” into the gutter or slid under the first row of shingles. E-Z Lock™ is available in three hole patterns: Standard, Small Hole, and Micro Mesh.

Our selection of E-Z Lock™ gutter guards comes in Galvanized, Small Hole, Small Hole Step Down, Small Hole Step Under, and Micro Mesh. All are black powder coated.



Leafproof® is designed for homeowners who want the ultimate protection for their home. Leafproof® can handle even the heaviest rainfall while keeping leaves and debris from entering your gutter.

Leafproof’s® advanced gutter protection systems can be installed on any type of roofing, including shingle, slate, metal, and tile, and on any roof pitch.

  • Standard Leafproof®
    STLP Standard Leafproof® @100′ per box

    Colors available: LG, CC, WK, CY, PG, BZ, RB, MBR, GG, CH, BL

  • XP Leafproof®
    XPLP XP Leafproof® @100′ per box

    Colors available: LG, CC, WK, CY, PG, BZ, RB, MBR, GG, CH, BL

  • Left/Right Leafproof® Endcaps
    LPEC Left/Right Leafproof® Endcaps @25 count per box (25 L & 25 R)

    Colors available: LG, CC, WK, CY, PG, BZ, RB, MBR, GG, CH, BL

  • Inside Leafproof® Corner
    LPMITER Inside Leafproof® Corner @10 count per box

    Colors available: LG, CC, WK, CY, PG, BZ, RB, MBR, GG, CH, BL

  • Leafproof® Splash Diverter
    LPSD Leafproof® Splash Diverter @10 count per box

    Colors available: LG, CC, WK, CY, PG, BZ, RB, MBR, GG, CH, BL


Leaf Exterminator®

Leaves, seeds, and pine needles are not match for Leaf Exterminator. The unique Micro-Pore filtration system prevents debris from entering your gutters, while handling ANY rainfall.

Fits new or existing gutters, does not interfere with the roof, invisible from the ground, can handle any downpour, eliminates the hazardous chore of climbing a ladder, strengthens your gutter system, and prevents animals and birds from nesting.