Introducing Klynch Channel! Eliminate the issue of lifting roof shingles to fit your gutter protection. Klynch Channel allows gutter protection to be installed on ALL roof trpes. IE: slate, metal, tile, ceramic. Klynch works with 5″, 6″, and 7″ gutters!

We also stock the new TurboShear HD from Malco Tool drill attachment.




Allows gutter protection to be installed on all roof styles. i.e. slate, metal, tile, ceramic
Manufactured from heavy duty .019 gauge aluminum
Roll formed for superior strength and rigidity
Channel accepts all types of gutter protection from screens to solid covers
Convenient 7’ 6” section install easily and can even be shipped via UPS
Klynch allows standard gutter protection to be installed on 7” gutters
Virtually invisible from the ground
Available in White and Black
150’ boxes provide enough Klynch to do the average home
Manufactured in the USA by Lynch Aluminum MFG Co

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