Lynch Aluminum’s Return Policy


Lynch Aluminum has a strict 90 day return policy. Product that is 90 days past the invoice date will not be accepted for credit. No exceptions.

Invoices must be provided along with the returned material. Any item that is returned without an invoice will not be accepted for credit. Invoices act in the place of a receipt for goods purchased. Copies or originals will be accepted.


Items being returned on Lynch Aluminum semi-trucks must first be authorized. If you have an item that you would like to return, you MUST call in and talk with a sales person and inform them of what product you are returning, color, gauge, date of purchase, and if the item is OK to restock (Visually inspect). Lynch truck drivers will not make a pick-up without an authorization ticket made up by a sales person or talking directly to your salesman, getting the “OK” to accept your return. If our delivery driver is unloading after our business hours and you do not have approval from your sales person, the driver cannot pick up your return. Upon approval, the driver will pickup your return(s) on your next order/delivery.

 Invoices are also required when returning an item on a truck. Copies or originals will be accepted.

If material is being returned via one of our fleets trucks, it must be packaged well enough to make it back to Peoria, Illinois without being damaged. (Such as the original box, closed/taped shut, etc.) When material is checked in scratched, dented, dinged, or overall damaged, it will not be accepted for credit and will either be returned or scrapped.

All items returned to Lynch Aluminum are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Call your sales person for more information about our Return Policy.