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We own, operate, and maintain our own truck fleet.  By doing so, we are able to offer fast, dependable, and safe delivery to our customers. It’s one thing to have the product, but another to get it delivered quickly and safely. Our successful track record is not easily matched.

*Please note that we generally deliver on 45-48’ semi-trailer trucks. If you are a new customer, please let your sales person know if you are located in a residential or industrial area or if vehicles of this size will not be able to deliver in your area.   We do have several smaller vehicles that we regularly use for deliveries and will make every attempt at servicing you with the delivery method that is most appropriate*


    Martin Blair Driver
    Jeremy Gatewood Driver
    Tom White Driver
    Cary Harris Driver
    Jay McDonald Driver
    Ronald “RJ” Hafner Driver
    Harry Hodges Driver
    Richard Ladd Driver
    Ronald Ludwig Jr Driver
    Craig DeFoe Mechanic