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5" Kwik Cover (4' Sections)

5″ Kwik Cover (4′ Sections)

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50 Pieces @ 200′ per box


Introducing Kwik Cover – the swift and efficient solution to safeguard your gutters and save you time during installation. Designed for convenience and built for performance, Kwik Cover is here to simplify your gutter protection needs. Experience the speed and effectiveness of Kwik Cover – the ultimate choice for homeowners seeking a fast, durable, and efficient gutter protection solution. Simplify your gutter maintenance routine and keep your home safe from water damage with Kwik Cover. Install it quickly and trust in its performance to keep your gutters flowing freely

Key Features:

Innovative Hole Design: Kwik Cover features a thoughtfully engineered pattern of round holes, strategically interspersed with square holes every fifth row. This unique design serves a dual purpose. The round holes efficiently filter out debris, preventing leaves, twigs, and other contaminants from clogging your gutters. The square holes play a crucial role in breaking water tension, especially during heavy rainfall, ensuring water flows smoothly into your gutters and downspouts.

Enhanced Strength: The center of each Kwik Cover panel boasts a raised bead, significantly reinforcing the guard’s structural integrity. This extra strength not only allows the guard to withstand the weight of debris but also provides additional durability against extreme weather conditions. Rest assured that Kwik Cover will stand up to the elements, protecting your gutters and your home for years to come.

  • Metal: Aluminum
  • Thickness: 0.024″
  • Hole Size: 3/16″
  • Length: 4′
  • 50 pcs per box
  • 200’ per box


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BL: Black, Mill Finish