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Convert-A-Bow 2" x 3"

Convert-A-Bow 2″ x 3″

From: $3.75

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12 Pieces per box



Our unique 2″ x 3″ Convert-A-bow elbow is a one-piece specialty elbow made with a B-style elbow that “converts” into an A-style opening at the crimped end of the elbow, allowing the user flexibility with applications that would require a B-style elbow but where an A-style would be preferred.

Colors Available: AL: Almond, BL: Black, BR: Royal Brown, BZ: Terratone Bronze, CC: Classic Cream, CY: Clay, GG: Grecian Green, HG: High Gloss 80° White, IV: Antique Ivory, LG: Low Gloss 30° White, LN: Linen, MBR: Musket Brown, PG: Pearl Gray, RW: Rosewood, TG: Tuxedo Grey, and WK: Wicker

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