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The Vampire™ T-Bar 6" Gutter Hanger

The Vampire™ T-Bar 6″ Gutter Hanger

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100 Pieces per box

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The Vampire™ T-Bar Hangers are installed on the ground as the gutter emerges from the gutter machine and are placed on 32″ centers in the gutter. With the jaws on the third largest opening, the Vampire tool’s top jaw will go into the hole in the hanger. The bottom jaw will grasp the back of the gutter with the bar between the hanger’s prongs and the top of the gutter. A simple squeeze of the Vampire tool will allow the hanger’s prongs to pierce the back of the gutter. Then using the tool as pliers, with the lower jaw under the prongs, bend the prongs up for a firm, permanent fit. With practice, the hangers will be installed as quickly as your machine will roll out the gutter. Reduces installation time as on the job time is 1/3 less than other T-Bar Hangers

The key to the strength of Petit Tool’s Vampire™ Hanger lies in the superior design and quality construction. The Vampire™ T-Bar is precision stamped from .063″ aluminum. The assembly of the Vampire™ T-Bar Hanger includes a custom, strong rivet securing the strap to the hanger.

The installation process joins this pre-fabricated hanger to the gutter in a unique manner which assures the strength of the final installation. The two prongs on the hanger (The Vampire™ Fangs) pierce through the back of the gutter and are bent up for permanent attachment to the gutter. While installing The Vampire™ Hangers, the strap can be bent up at a 90° angle. This will keep it out of your way during piercing. The strap can easily be bent to the desired angle when attaching the gutter to the roof. Wind ties may also be installed to prevent the gutter from swinging. As a finishing touch, The Vampire™ straps can be painted to match the color of the roof.

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