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12 oz. Aerosol Spray Paint Can

12 oz. Aerosol Spray Paint Can


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Directions for use:
1) Clean surface to be sprayed.
2) For best results, can should be at room temperature.
3) Shake can for 1 minute after mixing ball rattles.
4) Apply several thin, even coats rather than one heavy coat.
5) For best results do not apply in conditions of high heat or humidity.
6) Clear spray ti[ after each use by holding can upside down and spraying until only clear gas is emitted.
7) Do NOT stick a pin or any sharp object into the hole in the top of the can.

Colors Available: AL: Almond, BL: Black, BLUE: Regal Blue, BR: Royal Brown, BRGDY: Burgundy, BZ: Terratone Bronze, CC: Classic Cream, COPMET: Copper Metallic, CY: Clay, DBZ: Dark Bronze, GG: Grecian Green, HG: High Gloss 80° White, IV: Antique Ivory, LG: Low Gloss 30° White, LN: Linen, MBR: Musket Brown, PG: Pearl Gray, RED: Regal Red, RW: Rosewood, TG: Tuxedo Grey, and WK: Wicker

Sold individually

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