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Alu-Rex is, first and foremost, a company that works to fix homeowners’ problems with gutters and water management as well as to make home exterior maintenance easier for them.

In fact, right from the start, Guy and Stéphane Brochu, the two founders of the company, decided to create the Gutter Clean System gutter guards to address client needs. At the time, they were gutter installers and wanted to offer an effective product to protect gutters. Gone were clogs due to leaves and debris that could cause water infiltrations into the roof and foundations! In addition, the Alu-Rex gutter protection systems kept (and still keep!) gutter maintenance to a minimum, which is an added advantage for homeowners.

Always trying to offer a product that meets the needs of gutter installers and their clients, the Alu-Rex team then developed the T-Rex continuous hanger for a simple and effective way of making gutters sturdy while reducing the installation of the gutter and the gutter guard to one step. As a result, the T-Rex has become the preferred solution for the installation of new gutters, both for professionals and consumers.

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