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Drop In

Drop In

Drop-In gutter guard is one of the most used gutter guards on the market.   Our drop-in gutter guard is made from heavy duty .024 gauge expanded aluminum along with a reinforced front lip made from .019 gauge aluminum.  A simple “drop-in” installation makes the job easy, simply place the lip of the screen onto the front of the gutter and slide it up underneath the shingles.  Our drop-in has pre-notched corners for overlapping sections for a seamless appearance and install.  We offer the standard hole version (1/4” holes) in 5”, 6”, 7” in mill finish.  We offer the small hole version (5/32” holes) in 5”and 6” mill finish as well as a black powder coated version for 5”,6”, and 7” gutters for a sleek appearance.  By using our Klynch channel (sold separately) it allows for the use of our drop-in gutter guard on any application where shingles do not exist or installing gutter guard under the shingles is not preferable.

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